Caleb Williams claps back at another ridiculous take ahead of 2024 NFL Draft

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Caleb Williams is going to be different than any other quarterback who has attempted to put an end to the Chicago Bears' quarterback misery.

Regardless of how successful Williams either will be or won't be with the Bears, it's clear that the team has never had a quarterback with the personality that the USC superstar has.

We all remember when Mitch Trubisky suggested that the Bears needed to turn the televisions off at Halas Hall when he and the team were confronted with criticism during the 2019 season. As recently as last season, Justin Fields had to walk back his comments when he suggested there may have been a conflict with the coaching staff.

No matter how one feels about Williams, the quarterback has not been afraid to clap back at the talk.

Another take that has become popular with Williams is that he is a "diva" at the quarterback position and that his being a superstar with USC will create problems with how he embarks on the beginning of his NFL career with the Bears. This take has very little merit and loses credibility every time that a player or coach with a connection to Williams speaks about the former Heisman winner.

The latest nonsense that has been circulating around social media is that Williams has never dealt with adversity and this should be a concern for the Chicago Bears. Anyone who believes that Williams has never dealt with adversity is admitting that they've never watched a single USC game over the last two seasons.

Williams isn't afraid of calling them out either.

What will be fascinating to watch is how active Williams is on social media once he begins his career with the Bears. Sure, there are better things he could be doing than responding to every nonsensical take that is out there but it is fun to think about the Bears having a quarterback that isn't afraid of standing his ground.

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