Caleb Williams expected to lead Chicago Bears to first playoff run in four years

How successful of a rookie season will Caleb Williams have in 2024 with the Bears?
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Coming into his rookie season, Caleb Williams has high expectations set for him in his rookie season for the Chicago Bears. Williams entered the 2024 NFL Draft as one of the top prospects overall, aside from being the top quarterback prospect.

Before even practicing at Halas Hall, Caleb Williams was receiving sky-high expectations, including the expectations he holds himself to— per his phone wallpaper.

The Chicago Bears were one of the best teams a rookie quarterback could be coming into in 2024, making Williams' transition from college to the NFL a little easier.

And with those expectations, the Bears are expected to do something they haven't done since the last presidency. The Chicago Bears made the 2020 NFL Playoffs, though it was a short run, ending in the first round against the Saints.

That's expected to change this year, with a new challenger entering the arena in Caleb Wiliams.

Chicago Bears expected to make 2024 NFL Playoffs behind rookie Caleb Williams

In his three-year college career, Caleb Williams failed to make the playoffs. Last season alone, Williams led a middle-of-the-pack offense to third in the nation, scoring 41.8 points per game. That same year, the Trojans sported a defense that ranked 121st of 133, allowing 34.4 points per game.

Given the difference in his supporting cast from college to now, both offensively and defensively, an improved overall result is expected compared to his college career. With the team he was drafted to, it's not entirely out of the picture that he leads the Bears to the playoffs in 2024.

The most likely outcome is the Bears securing a Wild Card spot, ranking second or third in the NFC North. The schedule Chicago has this year is favorable, especially in the first half of the season, followed by an NFC North-heavy stretch in the second half.

If everything that could go right does go right, then the Chicago Bears go 17-0, going 3-0 in the playoffs, resulting in Caleb Williams hoisting the Lombardi trophy. Is that the most likely? No, even if it would come with the most joy from Chicago Bears fans.