Caleb Williams responds to "rough day" in Chicago Bears' OTAs

The Bears have themselves a quarterback who doesn't miss the chance to respond online
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Michael Reaves/GettyImages / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

After a strong first day of OTAs for Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Caleb Williams, his second day wasn't as strong.

Caleb Williams reportedly struggled in Chicago Bears' OTAs on Day 2

Now, what people might not understand is Caleb Williams, believe it or not, is a rookie. That means this is his first time playing against NFL-caliber competition. And, considering the studs among the Chicago Bears' secondary, Williams is competing against strong competition at each position. 

His second-practice woes were a bit of a non-story since Williams was missing two of his top three receivers in Keenan Allen and Rome Odunze. Even if they were in attendance and Williams struggled, that will happen. 

The common phrase is: "Iron sharpens iron," and a not-so-great day in practice is a much better situation than a not-so-great day on Sunday night against a divisional opponent later in the season. 

Practice, especially in May, is the time to get these mistakes out of the way.

The Chicago Bears brought in Shane Waldron this off-season, meaning their offense is learning a new system with a very new cast of players. Not only is Caleb Williams new, but also Keenan Allen, Rome Odunze, Gerald Everett, D'Andre Swift, etc. All of those players are new additions to the team, meaning it could take time for everyone to be on the same page. 

Caleb Williams, someone who isn't afraid to respond on social media, clapped back to a clear attempt at trolling the rookie for his poor performance on Day 2 of Chicago Bears OTAs. 

Caleb Williams has his fun on social media, as Williams is clearly confident in his abilities as a quarterback. For a team that's struggled at the quarterback position since— well, ever— Williams is looking to break that trend.

And while some will laugh when he fails, Caleb Williams has no issue laughing right back.