The case for a third of the NFL to trade for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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With Thursday's start to the 2024 NFL Combine on the horizon, Tuesday provided an opportunity for teams' head coaches and general managers to address the media's questions ahead of the event. The Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus, and Ryan Poles were no exception and were quickly inundated with questions regarding the impending decision at the quarterback position.

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

Per usual, the Bears were tight-lipped, clearly wanting to maintain the allure of their decision-making processes. Still, Poles let slip a couple of nuggets regarding the decision, especially what would be done with quarterback Justin Fields if the team decides to go in another direction. On Tuesday morning, Poles sat with NFL on CBS's Jonathan Jones to discuss.

"There's gotta be a trust there, there's gotta be a relationship there between the organization and your quarterback" Poles stated. "It's a quarterback-driven league and you want them comfortable, understanding the reasoning of why you do what you do building a roster... we're trying to be as clear and honest as we can... we've been in contact with his team and we'll continue to do that as much as we possibly can".

"You want to be absolutely transparent with these guys and let them know where they stand. I know living in gray is a very difficult place for anybody" Poles continued. "He means a lot to us, he means a lot to me in the way that he's carried himself and led over the last two years. Things have not been easy ... and he's continued to improve too so I got a lot of respect for Justin, I'll continue to have respect for him, and I always want to do right by him as we go through this process."

If the Bears do elect to draft a starting quarterback in this year's NFL Draft, it appears that Fields' interests will be taken into account, and the quarterback may even have some say in his next destination. Interestingly, regardless of what other teams are saying or will say throughout the pre-draft process, there appear to be several teams who should be in the market for Justin Fields if he becomes available via trade. That said, here we will look at how nearly a third of the league could use Fields' talents, either as a full-time, spot, or eventual starting quarterback;