The case for a third of the NFL to trade for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears trade partners that need a backup quarterback

Finally, two less obvious teams could use Fields' talents and arguably, they might be the best landing spot for someone in his position. Since his career in Chicago began, Fields was thrown into the fire early with little development and few weapons around him to work with. Even though Fields has started now for the better part of three seasons, spending a year or two even as the backup for the Los Angeles Rams or the New York Jets could do dividends for his career.

Chicago Bears, Matthew Stafford
Chicago Bears, Matthew Stafford / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Both teams already have cemented starting quarterbacks in Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers, respectively, but a young, dynamic player such as Fields could learn a lot from the more stoic passers of the previous generation. This is not to say that Stafford nor Rodgers are unathletic, rather they chose spots to use that athleticism to extend plays. Either of these quarterbacks could give Fields invaluable information and guidance throughout just one season and could help him develop as a more aggressive passer, something that has troubled him throughout this point in his career.

For both the Rams and the Jets, Fields could end up being the starter in perpetuity, but even if he used one of these teams as a jumping pad to his next starting gig, learning from Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks on the back end of their career could help Fields see the offense differently. Additionally, both veteran quarterbacks have had health problems over the past two seasons, so Fields would likely garner some playing team with either team.