CBS Sports expert grades destroy Bears for the lamest reason ever

Lighten up a little CBS!
2024 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2024 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

It's Grades Monday in the NFL, which means that after four straight days (months?) of people talking about the NFL Draft, they're still just talking about the NFL Draft.

And yeah, there were plenty of immediate grades on Saturday night, and then more post-Draft fallout grades all day Sunday, but these are MONDAY grades. These are page view grades, baby.

CBS Sports, of course, is all over it. In a big ol' article they published on Monday – creatively titled "NFL Draft 2024 grades for all 32 teams" – CBS took a look at each draft class and, well, you get it. They gave the Bears an A+ for taking Caleb Williams overall, which is as equally correct as it is uninteresting to read about. The way juicier bit of analysis came with their "worst pick" for Chicago, which is actually not all that unsurprising either.

CBS Sports expert grades destroy Bears for the lamest reason ever

Worst Pick: They took a punter in the fourth round in Iowa's Tory Taylor. Why? There are a million punters out there. Plus, that is a luxury pick for a team with only four picks.

And while I don't totally disagree, c'mon CBS. Live a little. He's not just a punter: he's IOWA's punter. He was legitimately one of their best players last year, which has become a little bit too much of a schtick but doesn't mean it's wrong. Though to be fair to CBS, even if Taylor ends up being a great punter, he's still probably not ever going to be better than Caleb Williams or Rome Odunze, so in that sense, it is literally the worst pick.

The lesson here is that four-pick draft classes are kinda tough to grade. But page views wait for no one, and honestly it's kind of on the Bears for taking a punter in the 4th round and making it so easy to dunk on them in a year where they also got a franchise QB. If you're not thinking about online grades when building your football team, that's on you.