4 changes Chicago Bears made to beat the Detroit Lions

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1. The Chicago Bears rotated Tyrique Stevenson and Terell Smith 

The Chicago Bears got Tyrique Stevenson back after missing week 12. He got the bye week to recover and looked healthy against the Detroit Lions. However, it has to be noted that Stevenson did not play the full game, and it did not appear to be injury-related. The team may have wanted to ease Stevenson back into the mix, or they may have liked what they saw from Terell Smith in his limited snaps this season. Either way, Smith cut into Stevenson's playing time in week 14. 

Stevenson led the platoon 47 to 18, so this was not significant. However, Steveson did allow a touchdown while Smith continued to play well. Will this platoon continue for the final four games, and should it? Is Smith playing better than Stevenson? Overall, Stevenson still did not have a bad game, but he was on Sam LaPorta a lot, and the Lions' outside wideouts are not nearly as much of a threat as other teams.

This would be an interesting development to watch.