5 changes the Chicago Bears made to beat the Washinton Commanders

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Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jack Sanborn
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1. The Chicago Bears played a heavier defensive look in the first half

The Chicago Bears have been dealing with the loss of Kyler Gordon in their secondary for a while. They have leaned on Greg Stroman a lot more, but in the past two weeks, they also leaned on Jack Sanborn.

Sanborn played more than any other game this season against Denver. It made sense because Denver likes their heavy personnel, but Sanborn was out there a lot in the first half against the Commanders as well.

He only finished with 18 snaps, but that is mainly because Washington came out slinging it when they were down 27-3. In the first half, the Bears even matched base to the Commanders 11-personnel, which stuck Sanborn on a slot receiver. Sanborn had 29 coverage snaps in three games to start the year, but the last two games saw him in coverage 25 times.

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Still, it was an effort to stop the run and also blitz Sam Howell. They wanted to be heavier upfront to dare Howell to pass, and it worked. Will the Chicago Bears play Sanborn this often against more pass-heavy teams? We will find out.