4 changes Chicago Bears must stick with after mini-bye in 2023

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Justin Fields
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3. The Chicago Bears must roll out Justin Fields more

The Chicago Bears are weirdly repeating things from last year. First, Luke Getsy started the season by trying to force Justin Fields to do things he was not as strong at. Then, by the Thursday night game against Washington, he started to turn things around. Then, after the extra time, Getsy had a better-looking offense.

So far, he has done the first two weeks this year and last. Now, does the offense continue to get better after this short time off? One clear note is that Getsy started to get Fields on the run more. He called ten designed runs for Fields this week after just 15 in the first four weeks. That is a significant increase. We did not get the classic 2022 Fields game with his legs, but instead, it was a nice added touch to a solid passing game.

This is how the Chicago Bears have to use Fields. They can move him in the pocket and roll him out more, and when he starts to get a first down with his legs, it makes the passing lanes down the field more clear. We should see more of this out of the mini-bye.