3 changes coming to the Chicago Bears soon

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 2-6, but after an active trade deadline, it is clear that they are not going to quit this season. They do need to make some changes, though. Some will happen naturally, and others may be forced. What do the Bears need to do in the next couple of weeks?

3. The Chicago Bears may get to see Jack Sanborn in a bigger role

This one will probably come naturally. After a great rookie season as a UDFA, fans wanted to see more of Jack Sanborn in year two. After the Chicago Bears added Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards in free agency, it was clear that Sanborn was not going to get that chance. Now he does.

It will come because of an injury to Tremaine Edmunds. Edmunds tried to return last week, but it was clear he could not play, and it may be a multiple-week absence. This is obviously disappointing, and no one wants to see Edmunds injured. However, it does present an opportunity for Bears fans to get a glimpse into something they have wanted.

With Noah Sewell able to play the SAM, it will be interesting to see Jack Sanborn sliding into the Edmunds role. He played it well last year, and a lot of fans thought the money dedicated to Edmunds could have gone elsewhere because of Sanborn. Does he prove them right, or do the Bears get exposed with so many backups in the back end? What happens if the defense looks better and Sanborn is making plays like last year? The Bears could end up looking both smart and foolish at the same time depending on how Sanborn looks.