3 changes coming to the Chicago Bears soon

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2. Will the Chicago Bears make big changes to their offensive line

The Chicago Bears offensive line has been a roller coaster. They seem to have two players who are at least not a complete liability, but there is a lot of shuffling beyond that. Teven Jenkins appears to be good at both left and right guard, which is a great development. Darnell Wright also looks like a hit, although he is just a rookie. Still, there are issues with Larry Borom, Cody Whitehair, and Lucas Patrick. Changes can come, though.

Braxton Jones is starting the track to returning and could be back as soon as this week. That would be a huge upgrade. The Bears just got Doug Kramer back as well. He is unproven and has barely been able to escape the preseason without injury, but the Bears might as well give him a shot at center, considering how bad Lucas Patrick has been.

At guard, why not play Ja'Tyre Carter, who may be bad, but at least is young and growing over Cody Whitehair who is completely washed up? That would buy them time until Nate Davis returns. An offensive line of Jenkins, Wright, Jones, Carter, and Kramer would be a huge shake-up and something we have not seen yet. It is at least different, and sitting at 2-6 after getting blown up by the Chargers defensive line it is worth trying something different.