3 changes Luke Getsy must bring the Chicago Bears immediately

Justin Fields has been bad, but Luke Getsy is not helping him
Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago Bears are in a bad spot where you cannot tell who is worse, the play-caller or the quarterback. The reality is that both are bad. Fans want the coaches fired and quarterbacks benched, but we know that will not happen, at least not until closer to December. So, what are some things that Luke Getsy can do to make life easier for Justin Fields?

3. The Chicago Bears need to utilize Justin Fields legs more

The Chicago Bears need to accept that Justin Fields is not going to develop in the pocket. He may not be the long-term future, but the team can win with him in the right circumstances. One way to help aid that is to utilize him in the running game more.

This season, the Chicago Bears have called a designed run 2.5 times per game. Last season, that number was 5.93. Early in the year, Luke Getsy had this same issue where he tried to make Fields a pocket and got away from the designed runs. Then, by week seven, something changed, and he adapted to Fields as a talent.

From week seven on, Fields had 7.56 designed runs per game. It did lead to Fields getting hurt, but the alternative is losing at this point. It is the only way to keep Fields comfortable and to help the team win.

You can tell Fields is pressing to stay in the pocket as well. His scramble rate is down from 16% to 9% this season. This shows that he is hesitant to scramble, probably because he is being coached to stay in the pocket and develop as a passer. It does not work, so get the most out of his athletic ability and figure it out from there.