3 changes Luke Getsy must bring the Chicago Bears immediately

Justin Fields has been bad, but Luke Getsy is not helping him

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Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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2. The Chicago Bears must work play action more

This one is pretty stunning. It surely has to do with the idea that the Bears have not run the ball successfully so far this season. So, the lack of a running game has led to no play action. However, the lack of a running game is because teams are already loading up to stop the run. The Chicago Bears were the best rushing team last season, so this is the priority.

So, even if the Bears do not establish a ground game in that particular game, their reputation is established and it will cause play action to work early into games as teams gear up to defend the run early.

Justin Fields has run play action just 16.5% this season. In comparison, last year, that number is at 32.7%. Yes, the Bears ran the ball better last season, but not that should not cause the team to avoid calling play-action. This needs to change immediately, but after another poor rushing performance, it is hard to think that it will.