3 changes Luke Getsy must bring the Chicago Bears immediately

Justin Fields has been bad, but Luke Getsy is not helping him

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1. The Chicago Bears must encourage Justin Fields to throw deep

The best strength of Justin Fields are his physical traits. He is taking too many sacks and not reading the field right, but he is big, strong, fast, and can throw the football deep. His deep accuracy is arguably better than his short accuracy. That is why it is so shocking to see what the Bears have done this season.

Last year, he threw the ball deep 16% of the time; this year, the number is down to 9%. That is up this week, as the game plan was conservative the week before. Justin Fields has an average depth of target at 5.3 this year. His career rate is 9.3, and last year he was at 9.5. Right now is throwing the football over four yards shorter on average compared to his normal rates.

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With the addition of D.J. Moore and with more time in this offense, the thought was that this number would crank up beyond 10. Through two weeks, it is the exact opposite. His depth of target went from 3.6 in week one to 7.6 last week. Still, this needs to go up at least two more yards on average. They need to call more plays from Fields, and they need to tell him to let it rip and quit trying to play within the system for quick plays. It may not be sustainable in the long term, but it is better than what it is happening right now.