Chicago Bears 2023 Draft: The players Ryan Poles should have drafted at each pick

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright
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Pick No. 10: The Chicago Bears should have drafted Darnell Wright

I am not going to sit here and try and backtrack my original thoughts about Darnell Wright. Nothing about my analysis of Wright has changed for me. I still view him as the best right tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft class. I still see him as the guy who looks to be an elite pass-blocker. I still see him as an offensive tackle best suited for a power gap run scheme. I still am not a fan of his lateral movements when needing to get to the second level. I still am worried about his bear-hug mentality at times. Finally, I still think the upside of Paris Johnson, Jr. and Broderick Jones is greater.

All of that said -- both positive and negative -- the Chicago Bears were able to test Darnell Wright in person. They got to know him on a personal level. He was the second offensive lineman taken in the draft and although I would have preferred Broderick Jones here, or Paris Johnson if he fell this far, I am excited to see what Wright can bring to the table from a pass-blocking standpoint. Plus, he has a nasty streak to him that I am hoping develops even more at the NFL level.

For anyone wanting Jalen Carter here, I get it. However, Ryan Poles and the staff were also able to meet with Carter. Clearly, they did not feel comfortable with him. I cannot guarantee it was a character issue, but it has to be the main reason. If Carter busts, it could set the Chicago Bears back more than Wright not being as good as needed. Charachter concerns could turn into more and ruin the locker room. The Eagles are set up to handle something like that better than the Bears.