Chicago Bears 2023 Draft: The players Ryan Poles should have drafted at each pick

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Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter
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Pick No. 56: The Chicago Bears should have drafted Gervon Dexter

The Chicago Bears traded up for Tyrique Stevenson in the real 2023 NFL Draft. He is a a solid draft prospect and I have no qualms with the trade. That said, in this scenario, Ryan Poles trades up for the guy he took at No. 53. Gervon Dexter has plenty of upside. He was a five-star recruit and rated higher than Jalen Carter. He was not asked to do the same things that Jalen Carter had to do in Georgia. If Dexter was on the defensive line in Georgia, he'd probably have had better pass-rush production.

Many are concerned with Gervon Dexter's get-off. Mark Carman of CHGO Sports noted that when speaking to Dan Hampton, Hampton stated that the get-off isn't a concern, and Dexter can learn and improve upon it. Another thing to note is that Dexter did not start playing football until he was 17. He is now only 21.

No other teams took a defensive tackle after the Chicago Bears selected Dexter at pick No. 53. I fully expect he would have fallen to 56 and clearly Poles would have been willing to move up for Dexter in the same way he moved up for Tyrique Stevenson.