Two important things must happen at the 2023 NFL Combine for the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears, NFL Combine
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Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Ryan Poles will need to play the rumor game for the Chicago Bears

Every year, rumors start to flow and leak during the NFL Combine. With all 32 general managers, assistants, and scouts all in one place, conversations are bound to happen. Now add in the fact that beat reporters will be present for the same event and it's a recipe for information to be made public. Not every rumor will be true of course. Teams will slip information to reporters to try and spark conversations, negotiations and debates. However, we should be prepared to hear at least something regarding the Chicago Bears plans.

When it comes to the Bears, I'd expect to hear about potential players the team may be interested in trading both for and away. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if conversations about the Bears' first-overall pick start to heat up. Teams like Indianapolis, Houston, Carolina, Atlanta and Las Vegas could all be interested in moving up. Even Tennessee and Washington could be in the mix. Ryan Poles will need to do his best to help build the value of that top pick by playing general managers against one another, while also making it seem as though the Chicago Bears might be willing to draft a quarterback.

We must also pay close attention to any rumors about free agent quarterbacks. Derek Carr has been heavily linked to the New York Jets. Now, there is talk that the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons could both be in on Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason. Either of these teams signing Garoppolo could throw off the value of the top pick in the draft - especially Houston. Now, for the most important thing that must happen for the Chicago Bears.