Two important things must happen at the 2023 NFL Combine for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Bryce Young
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No more than three quarterbacks can emerge as worthy of a top-five pick

As of now, there are four quarterbacks rumored to have a first-round grade in the 2023 NFL Draft. Bryce Young is typically the favorite. Some analysts like C.J. Stroud next while others like Will Levis. It will obviously come down to team scouts and general managers' preferences though. Anthony Richardson is the fourth quarterback for most teams, but it's been rumored that he is only viewed as a first-round talent by a few teams.

Last year, we saw Zach Wilson propel his draft stock prior to the 2022 NFL Draft. We saw him throw the ball with ease during his pro day. Even Mitchell Trubisky wowed scouts and general managers with his mechanics in between his final college season and the 2017 NFL Draft. Many view Anthony Richardson as the next quarterback to potentially follow in Wilson's and Trubisky's footsteps.

When it comes to the Chicago Bears, if Ryan Poles wants to trade back from the first-overall pick, then it is important that only three quarterbacks seem worthy of a top-five pick. Plus, it's important that one of those three stand out. If teams truly look at Bryce Young as the top quarterback prospect, then there will be a bidding war for that top pick.

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If teams think all three are close enough in talent, then teams like the Colts, Panthers, Falcons and Raiders might be more willing to stay put. This is not something Ryan Poles will want if he wants the most draft capital in return. A bidding war will be the most beneficial to Poles and the Chicago Bears.