The Chicago Bears trade back again but still land Darnell Wright in the 2023 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright
Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright / Jamar Coach/News Sentinel / USA TODAY

The Chicago Bears could have taken nearly any position with their first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. The team has as many holes in it as Swiss cheese. Ryan Poles could have gone with a cornerback or any position along the offensive or defensive line. To be honest, they could even justify taking a wide receiver. The good news for Chicago is seeing three quarterbacks come off early. Bryce Young went first, then Houston with a trade to third-overall took C.J. Stroud second and Will Anderson third. The Colts abandoned Will Levis and took Anthony Richardson at four. This was a solid start for the Bears.

With the Chicago Bears on the clock, Jalen Carter, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, and three of the top-four offensive tackles are still available. Will Levis is still around too, -- who wants a quarterback? Can Ryan Poles find a trade partner? That seems to be the ideal scenario. And he does...Ryan Poles moves back one spot and let Jalen Carter go to the Philadelphia Eagles. To make the move, the Eagles sent a 2024 fourth-round pick.

Ryan Poles has his work cut out for him this offseason. Will they only pick once in the first round or will they find a way to move back up into the backend of the first? Time will tell but for now, let's focus on who they did take.

The Chicago Bears move down and take Darnell Wright at 10

With the 10th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select Darnell Wright. Wright is a pro-ready right tackle who will step in and take over a very important position of need. From a pass-blocking standpoint, I like Wright. He has a great first step on his kick-step and is able to move guys around the edge. He played a great game versus one of the best pass-rushers in this draft class - Will Anderson.

My issue with Wright is that he is not fluid enough for me when moving to the second level. He looks awkward too often when moving laterally. When running an outside-zone running scheme, tackles need to be able to move and I preferred the movement of Broderick Jones and Paris Johnson, Jr. to Wright. Johnson was off the board, but I would have taken Jones over Wright personally.

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The bottom line is we need to trust Ryan Poles and Chris Morgan in their analysis of these players. If they fail, they won't last long. I think Wright will be fine in the end and won't cause any setbacks for this team, but I would have preferred a guy with a little more upside. That said, Justin Fields seems to approve.