7 Day 2 prospects the Chicago Bears should target in the 2023 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears, Siaki Ika
Chicago Bears, Siaki Ika / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Chicago Bears, Siaki Ika
Chicago Bears, Siaki Ika / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears Draft Target: Siaki Ika - NT, Baylor

Few players in this draft class are as physically dominant as Baylor's Siaki Ika, and he should certainly be in play for the Bears on Day 2. At 6'3" and 330 lbs, Ika is a gap-plugging nose tackle who practically requires a double team from the opposing line. Despite his massive size, Ika is an incredibly athletic nose tackle, and his tape reflects that.

Inherently, a player of Ika's size is viewed as a run stuffer, and while he is certainly capable of being elite at that in the NFL, Ika will be most valuable as a pass rusher. Despite only posting 4.5 total sacks in college, Ika creates great penetration from the middle of the defensive line, and can quickly end up in the opposing quarterback's lap. He will need to work on his pad level and staying on his feet during plays, but he is certainly an intriguing option to ruin the opposing team's offensive game plans.

Defensive line is certainly a need for the Bears, and adding a nose tackle like Ika could be a great way to add some strength and size to a young group. Having an imposing nose tackle is so important in the NFL, and a player of Ika's size could create one on one opportunities for the pass rushers lining up next to him.

Pro Comp: Vita Vea

Like Vea, Ika is a massive human being who plays with great speed and agility for players their size. Both perform well as run stoppers while adding a surprising threat as a pass rusher and could be the centerpiece of a defensive front seven that dominates in the NFL, as Tampa Bay's did over the past few seasons. Vea, a first-rounder in 2018, is certainly more talented than Ika, but the Baylor standout could fill a very similar role in Chicago.

Other NTs to consider:

Mazi Smith (Michigan) is an incredibly athletic nose tackle who may fall deep into the second round, with Keondre Coburn (Texas) being another interesting option for a Day 2 addition.