Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: First-round tiered rankings

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The NFL Draft has always been filled with unknowns. Outside of the first few picks that are often decided well before draft night, teams are left waiting in suspense for their pick to see who exactly will be available. The different pairings of teams and players are truly endless.

Few teams embody this idea of endless possibilities better than the Chicago Bears. Whereas some teams have one position to hone in on draft night, Chicago is left with a laundry list of needs. 

Although trading out of the No. 1 overall pick with the Carolina Panthers last month was the right move, it has made the front office’s job on night one of the draft substantially harder. The team no longer has its pick of the litter and may be forced to settle for someone if the board doesn’t fall their way.

Tiered rankings for the Chicago Bears first-round pick in 2023 NFL Draft

Offensive tackle, defensive tackle, and defensive end are just a few of their biggest needs. This puts the franchise in a precarious situation. There are valid arguments to be made for several different prospects, depending on your outlook on both the player and the Bears’ roster as a whole.

With so many different moves on the table, it’s beneficial to break them up into rankings. While these rankings aren’t entirely impartial, I factored in expert opinion on these players in determining their fit with the Bears. 

From Jalen Carter to Bijan Robinson and more, here is the Chicago Bears’ 2023 first-round pick tier list.