Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: First-round tiered rankings

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Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft Tier 3: Good players, but a little risky 

These players are good and would be worthy selections at No. 9, but they come with some unknowns that make them a little riskier. 

Peter Skoronski, OT - Northwestern

It’s seemingly impossible to have a discussion about Peter Skoronski without mentioning his arm length, but it’s for a good reason; that’s the only thing stopping him from being a sure-fire top-ten pick. 

The million-dollar question pertaining to Skoronski is whether or not he will be a tackle at the next level. Unfortunately for Chicago, this isn’t a question that will be answered anytime soon. 

No matter how talented Skoronski can be, there is a major risk factor in taking a guy who may not be able to play that he was drafted to. 

Lukas Van Ness, DL - Iowa

It’s easy to be enamored with Lukas Van Ness’ Combine and all-around physical ability. However, a great Combine and limited playing time aren’t exactly the formula for a top-ten pick. 

The upside with Van Ness is tremendous, but he’s a bit more of a developmental player, and there just isn’t enough film for anyone to be totally confident in what he is. 

Although the home run potential makes him an intriguing play at nine, I’m not sure Van Ness is exactly what the Bears are looking for.

Myles Murphy, EDGE - Clemson

Another developmental edge prospect, Myles Murphy has much of the same appeal as Van Ness. He’s a very good athlete and is one of the most powerful players in the entire draft.

What has hurt Murphy’s draft stock is his lack of development. Despite starting his career off with a bang back in 2020, Murphy has been unable to take the next step. In fact, some have argued his film has regressed over the last couple of seasons. Murphy could end up being really good, but he will require a great deal of patience.