Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: First-round tiered rankings

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Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft Tier 6: Sell the Franchise 

These are the players that would cause many to lose hope in the future of Chicago Bears football, assuming they did not trade back to take them. 

It’s unlikely any of these players end up in Chicago, but it’s worth looking into every possibility, no matter how small it might be. 

Bijan Robinson, RB - Texas 

Bijan Robinson is a terrific running back prospect and easily the best in the class. Taking him at nine would be a mind-numbingly awful decision. Both of these statements can be true.

Though the demise of the running back position in recent years has been greatly exaggerated, there is some truth to the idea the position’s value has declined. 

Running backs don’t offer the long-term reward of other positions, and the Bears are a rebuilding team in dire need of as many long-term assets as possible. It just doesn't make sense.

Bryan Breese, DT - Clemson

Brian Breese is just too far away to warrant an early first-round selection. He’s athletic and has the prototypical size, but he doesn’t have any real block-shedding moves and mostly just puts his head down and tries to overpower guards. 

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If the Bears are that desperate to get their hands on a toolsy defensive tackle, they can take Kancey. Selecting a project defensive tackle at nine would be almost unforgivable.