Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Bears address the trenches and trade down in full mock

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Chicago Bears Draft Pick No. 9: Peter Skoronski, OL

The next five on the board:
Tyree Wilson
Myles Murphy
Christian Gonzalez
Paris Johnson Jr
Joey Porter Jr

With the first pick in the 2023 NFL Mock Draft, the Chicago Bears select Peter Skoronski, guard (was a tackle), Northwestern. I don't know what I need to tell you about Skoronski that you already don't know. He is a blue-chip player. Yes, Tyree Wilson was still on the board, and I would likely draft him if he were available on the board. However, I don't expect him to make it past Seattle. My draft plan for the second day depends on acquiring Skoronski.

Ryan Poles said he has a certain number of blue players that could be available with the ninth overall selection. Some available are Tyree Wilson, Peter Skoronski, and Devon Witherspoon. I truly believe those are the only ones who he considers blue that will be there. Each of those players would drastically change the plan of the draft. If I choose Witherspoon early, I won't touch a cornerback for the rest of the draft. If I choose Wilson, I need to rely upon Whitehair and Jenkins more to start the offseason training program.

Front office members do exactly what we are doing but in greater detail. They run mock draft simulations based on what other teams might do and plan for what could happen in every situation they can think of. Drafting isn't just grabbing a guy randomly because you like him; you have to have a plan of attack. Skoronski is my plan of attack. I will build the Chicago Bears 2023 rookie class by selecting a guard with the ninth overall pick.