The Chicago Bears meat and potatoes draft with a side of HITS | Part 1

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By now, you already have a slight feel of the Chicago Bears draft class and might have mixed feelings. I know I did, but that was because I didn't see the process at first. Let me start off-topic. If anybody tells you that the Chicago Bears had a bad draft because of passing on Jalen Carter at nine, remind them of everything I am about to say. The Chicago Bears started the draft season with the number one overall selection. Can I get a high five? Da Bears started the 2023 NFL draft season with the number one overall draft selection, not the number nine spot.

The Chicago Bears traded the first pick to the Carolina Panthers to acquire:

  • Ninth overall selection in 2023
  • A second-round pick in 2023
  • A first-round pick in 2024
  • A second-round pick in 2025
  • Wide receiver D.J. Moore

The Chicago Bears did not finish with six wins that would have slotted them around the seventh overall selection. They acquired draft capital and a player because of the three-win season. Many people forget that and act like the Bears' selection at nine is the start of their draft. The entire draft process would have been different if that was the case. 

The Chicago Bears landed numerous five-star recruits. That may have been a coincidence. What a player does in high school and entering college no longer matters in college if they don't show that they have talent. Those players include:

  • Darnell Wright
  • Zacch Pickens
  • Gervon Dexter
  • Noah Sewell

Not all of those players produced the way they wanted, but there were 35 5-star recruits eligible in this draft class, and the Bears drafted four of them.