The Chicago Bears meat and potatoes draft with a side of HITS | Part 1

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Chicago Bears, Zacch Pickens
Chicago Bears, Zacch Pickens / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears double down

The other defensive tackle the Chicago Bears took has a different upside than Gervon Dexter. Dexter's ceiling is very high, while Zacch Pickens has a higher floor. Pickens racked up 131 total tackles in four years compared to Dexter's three. Pickens may have the same athletic ability as Dexter:

  • 4.8 40-yard dash
  • 1.7 10-yard split
  • 22 bench reps
  • Almost 10-foot board jump
  • 30+ vertical jump

Pickens is built slightly less like a greek-god. Please don't misunderstand me; Pickens is still a very intimidating human. According to Pro Football Focus, Pickens tied for third with SEC sacks. He was sixth in pass rushing in the SEC in 2022 with a 75 grade. I know it's PFF, but they have some information to share, and I will share it.

Pickens shared how he never had consistent coaching and that his play level could improve even. Each defensive tackle is in Chicago to contribute and push each other to become great. Travis Bell has all the work ethic and drive while still being talented. Pickens has some pass rusher and get-off production but needs to become consistent. And you already know about Dexter.

dark. Next. Trevis Gipson Bounce Back. This Bears defensive end could bounce back in 2023

Try not to undersell players that received a bad report card on Take the Detroit Lions James Houston IV, for example. A prolific athlete that failed with the Florida Gators (hmmm, scheme, coaching?) and produced with Jackson State was a sixth-round flier. Add in NFL coaching, and Houston IV was the second-best pass-rusher on the Lions behind Adain Hutchinson. This article is getting long, so stay tuned for part two.