Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Making the case for Jalen Carter

Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter
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The Chicago Bears have been known for their strong defensive play over the years, and that tradition looks set to continue if they are able to draft Jalen Carter. The 6'3", 315-pound defensive tackle from the University of Georgia might not make it to the Bears' pick at No. 9. However if he is, rumors are that the team is very high on him. If the Bears do land Carter, he'd be expected to make an immediate impact on a team that ranked last in sacks last season.

Jalen Carter was a standout player during his time at Georgia, where he was known for his quickness and power on the defensive line. He recorded 83 tackles, 57 hurries, 18 tackles for loss and 9 sacks in his three seasons with the Bulldogs. He was also a leader in the locker room, earning respect and admiration from his coaches and teammates.

The last part is very important based on the off-the-field issues that Carter has endured over the last few months. His issues go beyond the tragic car accident that took the lives of a former teammate and a recruiting staffer. A car accident he was indirectly involved in as both cars were racing one another. Carter has proven to have an issue respecting traffic laws, however, he has been reported as a solid teammate. Did Ryan Poles and his staff get enough information to feel comfortable selecting Carter should he fall to nine? Rumors are, they have.

Making the case for for Jalen Carter on the Chicago Bears

Carter's athleticism and versatility would make him a valuable addition to the Bears' defense. He would plug right into the most important position on the defense according to Matt Eberflus - the 3-tech. He's equally adept at stopping the run and rushing the passer. His combination of size, strength, and speed makes him a difficult player for opposing offenses to handle, and he should be a disruptive force in the middle of the Bears' defensive line.

Of course, there are always areas for improvement, and Jalen Carter is no exception. Some scouts and analysts have questioned his consistency and his ability to hold up against double teams. Others have noted that he can be slow to diagnose plays and react to changes in the offensive scheme. But these are all things that can be worked on with coaching and experience, and Carter's raw talent and potential would make him a valuable asset to the Bears.

The Bears have had some notable defensive linemen over the years, including Richard Dent, Dan Hampton, and Julius Peppers. Carter has the potential to join that list, and he could become one of the team's top defensive players for years to come.

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Personally, I would not be taking Jalen Carter. However, I am putting my faith in Ryan Poles and his staff. Poles has not been perfect, but he's made mostly good decisions. The team is moving in the right direction. Even though I am not pounding the table for Carter, he is a top-10 player in this draft class. I'd be surprised if he makes it to nine anyway. I can see the Seahawks, Raiders, or Lions taking him. If he is there at nine though, don't be surprised if Ryan Poles pulls the trigger.