Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Post NFL Combine DE/DT rankings

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Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter
Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears Prospect No. 5: Jalen Carter - DT | Georgia

I have zero disrespect for Jalen Carter. I am still waiting to drop him because of the situation that he has found himself in. I truthfully haven't seen him much better than a player like Zacch Pickens from South Carolina. He is big, strong, and fast, but where is the production? Why did you sit behind two first-rounders that haven't done anything special at the NFL level? His effort concerns me, but Julius Peppers also took plays off. Sometimes a player needs to know when to go. If the court stuff gets more sketchy, he would fall off my board entirely and could already be off the Chicago Bears board.

Chicago Bears, Isaiah Foskey
Chicago Bears, Isaiah Foskey / Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears Prospect No. 6: Isiaiah Foskey, EDGE | Notre Dame

I am not a Norte Dame fan, but I respect the team. If the Chicago Bears added Isaiah Foskey to the newly joked-about Chicago Golden Domers (formerly Chicago Bulldogs), they would add a solid pass rusher. Foskey has athletic ability and production. The only issue is the team he played for in college. Some teams he had production against stink, and some are pretty solid. Foskey could become another Derek Barnett (rotational guy) or Justin Tuck. My money is on Tuck.