Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Post NFL Combine wide receiver rankings

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Chicago Bears, Cedric Tillman
Chicago Bears, Cedric Tillman / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

7. Cedric Tillman

Cedric Tillman was my number-two receiver at the start of college football. I thought he was going to destroy what he had done in 2021. The high ankle sprain and surgery stopped Tillman from achieving what would have changed many draft experts' opinions of him. Unfortunately, the 1,000-yard receiver only played in six games and reached half(ish) his regular yards and catches. I view Tillman's playstyle as similar to Allen Robinson's pre-injury. He is a shifty, tall, explosive receiver with some juice at the top of his routes. Also, would it hurt to draft the son of an NFL receiver?

8. Matt Landers

I won't lie. I had learned who Matt Landers was at the Combine. I saw his name because I first researched which sophomores, juniors, and seniors hit the 1,000-yard mark each year. I saw Landers' name only because he came short last season. I then watch highlights and see which players are worth watching their games. I watch the games, check Pro Football Focus and some smaller listings, and podcasts.

Landers is very low on everybody's list. But this man is an athletic god. Imagine having 4.3X speed guys in 6'4" (Landers), 6'0" (Velus Jones), and 5'11" (Darnell Mooney). Jones should be better in his second year. I wouldn't expect much from Landers from day one, but he did the dang thing when asked to be Arkansas' number one.