Chicago Bears Draft: Post-combine defensive back prospect rankings

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Chicago Bears could look at these defensive backs if top three are gone

4. Brian Branch, S - Alabama

The first safety on my list comes from the Bears' best safeties school. Go figure. Alabama knows how to create defensive backs. Truthfully I don't even know if we should call him a safety. Kyler Gordon was a solid draft pick as a prospect and still has to work on his craft. If I were drafting that Matt Eberflus slot cornerback and it was between Branch (Alabama) and Gordan (Washington), it wouldn't even be close.

Branch was made to play the slot for the Chicago Bears. The question is, what would they do with Kyler Gordon? The Bears do talk about having three safety uses on the field. It is hard to imagine where everybody would go if they found a way to add Branch, but they could draft him now and ask questions later.

5. Clark Phillips III, CB - Utah

An outside cornerback who has consistently allowed a lower passer rating each year keeps improving. Phillips III went from allowing a 99.3 passer rating to a 68.4 and had one interception his first year, and finished with six last year. Phillips III did struggle to contain Jordan Addison and Caleb Williams, but Williams is likely the best quarterback prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft if he comes out.

Once Phillips III needs some time to adjust, he can become a game-changer as a boundary cornerback. Phillips III is often mock-drafted to the Chicago Bears, as he should be. Why not add another Utah Utes to the defensive backfield? He plays similarly to the former second-round draft pick (Jaylon Johnson).