Chicago Bears Draft: Post-combine defensive back prospect rankings

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The countdown of the defensive backs for the Chicago Bears continues

6. Riley Moss, CB - Iowa

CHGO_Sports Nick Moreano is going to love this one. I hope he is as high on Moss as I am. Moss is the first "can't do everything" cornerback on this list. If you ask him to play man coverage a ton, he will be someone other than your guy. That is why he is number six on my list for the Chicago Bears.

In an Eberflus defense, you will be asked to play zone more than man coverage. That is where Moss thrives. He has size (6'1" and 193 pounds), speed (4.45 40-yard dash), and explosiveness ( 39" vertical jump). Please stop calling him a safety; Moss is an outside cornerback that should be used much as Richard Sherman was in Seattle. Moss has the instincts and athleticism to thrive in a heavy zone coverage-based scheme. He did play five years for Iowa, but not including the last year, he had 10 interceptions, and three returned for touchdowns.

7. Deonte Banks, CB - Maryland

I'm not going to lie. Banks should be ranked 10th, or even 12th, on this list. However, there are some things in the NFL you can't teach. One is speed, the other is size, and Banks comes with both. Banks is still new to starting, so his upside keeps him high on my list. Banks would have to think less in the Chicago Bears' defense and would be able to use his athletic gifts to thrive. He needs to work on his route recognition and tackling, which are much easier for Eberflus and his staff to teach. I would love to talk you up on Banks, but that is all I have.

8. Joey Porter Jr., CB - Penn State

Brothers and sons tend to create the best NFL players. I don't mean they always create superstars, but they create NFL-caliber players. Porter Jr. is a project cornerback with a very high upside. His size is excellent, and his speed is adequate. A lot of people have Porter Jr. as a first-round prospect.

I would have him lower on this list if it weren't for his name and upside. What can I say? I'm a sucker for family members in the NFL. Actually, you know what. I can't do it. As of writing this, I have to lower him. You won't see it, but he was my number four DB. He needs to work on too many things for me to have him listed there. However, he is still a cornerback someone would want on their team. They need to work on his hand usage and get him more technically sound. He is still worth the gamble.