Deep dive into why the Chicago Bears should draft Paris Johnson, Jr.

Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr. / Ben Jackson/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears brain trust needs to think very thoroughly and intelligently as they decide what are the best possible strategies and decisions to make given their complex set of needs versus their options. They have many key needs and a number of tantalizing options to fill those needs. My order of magnitude for their most important game-changing needs is a future top-notch left tackle, 3-technique defensive tackle, and pass rusher. I would also like to see them add a cornerback and a center. Keep in mind, the Bears can still, easily, sign another good free-agent pass rusher and a free-agent cornerback if they do not draft one.

Their starting point in defining their best possible strategy must be to complete the rebuild of their offense. It would be the height of foolishness not to do everything within their power to go the distance in supporting Justin Fields' development as a potential franchise quarterback. Ryan Poles dropped the ball big time as a rookie general manager when he failed to, even remotely, give Fields what he needed to grow and succeed in 2022. Poles was quite lucky Fields responded to this brain cramp by Poles by still growing as a QB. This happened despite the challenge of being surrounded by an overall weak supporting cast.

With more luck coming from Lovie Smith's largesse plus a smart trade, Poles is now in a very good position to make up for his blunder regarding his QB1. Fields now has enough quality pass targets to have a very good 2023. Fortunately, Ryan Poles' luck is still holding out as he has a great opportunity to also build a very good offensive line in 2023 if he does not get too greedy.