Deep dive into why the Chicago Bears should draft Paris Johnson, Jr.

Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr. / Ben Jackson/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr. / Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA

More on why the Chicago Bears need Paris Johnson, Jr.

My list for these left tackle options starts with Paris Johnson Jr. (PJJ) and ends with Broderick Jones. Darnell Wright has been in this conversation but his best spot is at right tackle. If they really are satisfied with Braxton Jones as their left tackle and want to draft just a right tackle then draft one in the second round even if they have to trade up a few spots. However, the short-sightedness of this strategy is staggering to my mind.

The fact that they are seriously considering PJJ and Broderick Jones with their first-round pick means in the long or short run they are not completely satisfied with Braxton as their LT. The only trade I would consider would be with the Titans if both Paris and Broderick are still on the board. This trade would move them back from 9 to 11. Having them both still available ensures they get one or the other.

Some good news about the possibility of the ChicagoBears drafting Paris Johnson Jr. was reported on April 24th by NFL insider, Albert Breer. He reported something to the effect that Ryan Poles has decided that Paris in the springtime is best for the Bears. According to Breer the former offensive lineman, Ryan Poles, had decided he wants his first pick to be left tackle Paris Johnson Jr.

If this is true Ryan Poles and his guys, will be using some real foresight the Bears in how they are building the Chicago Bears. They can put themselves into the enviable position of having the genuine possibility for their QB1 and a new left tackle to grow into elite players at their positions. I cannot speak for anyone else but having a young franchise QB and a young franchise LT screams to me of having the core of a great offense for a long period of time.