Deep dive into why the Chicago Bears should draft Paris Johnson, Jr.

Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
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Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
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Continuation on why the Chicago Bears need Paris Johnson, Jr.

For some context, the last time they had a great left tackle was 32 years ago in 1991 the year Jimbo Covert had to retire from an injury that happened when he was exercising in the weight room. He, of course, was the Bears' blindside protector for Jim McMahon when the 1985 Bears won the Super Bowl.

Getting back to 2023, the only teams to arguably have an elite LT and QB are the Eagles with Jalen Hurts and Lane Johnson, the Chargers with Justin Herbert and Rashawn Slater, and maybe the Bengals with Joe Burrow and Orlando Brown. If the Bears give them some time to grow together Justin Fields and Paris Johnson Jr. or Broderick Jones can in time become this. Perhaps as soon as 2024 or 2025 the Bears QB1 and LT1 can step into the elite company of having both a franchise QB and a franchise left tackle.

With these two in place in 2023, the Chicago Bears could then use their two first-round picks in 2024 to draft for their defense. These two first-rounders could go a long way to the Bears putting together a top defense. The Bears having a top defense would look quite special alongside what hopefully will be a very good or maybe even a top-10 offense.