Deep dive into why the Chicago Bears should draft Paris Johnson, Jr.

Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
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Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr.
Chicago Bears, Paris Johnson, Jr. / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

Concluding why the Chicago Bears need Paris Johnson, Jr.

The last part of this comparison is about whether the Bears need an offensive tackle prospect to play right or left tackle. Braxton Jones did an acceptable job in 2022 as the Bears left tackle. However, in each and every game their offensive play calling appeared to minimize leaving Braxton left alone on an island to blindside protect for Justin. I watched every pass pro of the first three games in 2022. This was enough for me to conclude they were protecting Braxton with their play calling in these games. At season's end, the Bears only averaged 21 passes per game.

Braxton Jones is a good offensive lineman. However, this draft offers the Bears the opportunity to draft someone who has the foundation to develop into a franchise left tackle. In spite of a fair amount of praise for what Braxton Jones did in 2023, no one has alluded to the possibility of him someday becoming an All-Pro left tackle. The Bears should draft one of these two and move Braxton to right tackle. It is quite possible that playing at right tackle could bring out the best in Braxton Jones.

With Nate Davis and Teven Jenkins, the Chicago Bears have two very good guards. They should put Cody Whitehair at center in 2023 and draft a center of the future in this draft. Cody is their best choice at center in 2023 because the Bears' offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy, runs a complex offense. To burden Fields in a critical growth year with a rookie center learning a complex offense makes no sense to me.

All this sets up in a year or two for the Bears to have a very good and maybe even a great offensive line. I believe Whitehair will have a good 2023 if he can stay healthy. Once PJJ or Broderick Jones become adjusted to the NFL and if Cody plays well at center, it is possible the Bears' 2023 offensive line could be a force to be reckoned with.

It would take some guts and mental fortitude for Ryan Poles to stay disciplined and not trade down from the 9th pick. By staying firm and not compromising his opportunity to get the best possible blindside protector for Justin Fields, this is what Poles has to look forward to. He will have to do some real general manager gymnastics to find a 3 technique offensive takcle that will satisfy his head coach.

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I say it will be worth it, hopefully, Poles and Eberflus agree with this. So even though Jalen Carter has the skills to become a great 3T, he is not the only draft prospect who can become a top-notch 3T in the NFL. Here is an article that dives deep into why Adetomiwa Adebawore could become a very good or maybe even a great 3T for the Chicago Bears.