Should the Chicago Bears make this trade with the Steelers at the 2023 NFL Draft?

Chicago Bears, Omar Khan
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Chicago Bears, John Michael Schmitz
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Players the Chicago Bears could end up with at 49 after this trade

Let's assume that Ryan Poles isn't wanting to give up a pick to move up to 32 and would rather just gain a pick in the top 50. Therefore, he accepts the second-rounder at 49 instead of giving up 103 to move up to 32. With this trade, these players could be available for the Chicago Bears at 49.

John Michael Schmitz, C - Minnesota

My top center in the 2023 NFL Draft is John Michael Schmitz. I actually gave him a late first-round, early second-round grade. I'd take him before 49, but it's possible he does fall. If he does, I am hoping that Ryan Poles takes him despite not having an IOL targeted traits section on his board (see the recent 1920 Football Drive episode). Schmitz is a mauler and would set the tone in the middle of the Bears' line. I won't list them individually, but Joe Tippmann and Luke Wyper could also be strong options if Poles wants a center.

Matthew Bergeron, OT - Syracuse

A better scheme fit than Darnell Wright, Matthew Bergeron could be an offensive tackle that the Chicago Bears target in the second round. He should be available at 49 and fits the mold that the team seems to like in a lineman. If not Bergeron, other offensive linemen could include Anton Harrison, Cody Mauch and Blake Freeland.

B.J. Ojulari, DE - LSU

If the Chicago Bears wanted to target a defensive end at this point in the draft, B.J. Ojulari would be the guy I'd like to see. It's highly likely that Ojulari doesn't fall to 49 overall, but if he does he makes a great amount of sense. He has great speed to push around the edge and should fit in well with Matt Eberflus' scheme. Other options at the position include Isaiah Foskey, Keion White and/or Felix Anudike-Uzomah.

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Alright, what would you do in this situation? Would you be okay with moving down from nine to 17 for one of the players potentially still available or would you prefer the Chicago Bears get a top-10 prospect and stay at nine overall?