Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Ryan Poles proves rumors to be true in full mock draft

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The Chicago Bears make a trade with the Dallas Cowboys

The Chicago Bears need players to fill holes on the roster and we know Ryan Poles is trying to build this back up through the draft. When we got to the Bears' first pick in the second round (53), there were enough players available on the board that we felt comfortable moving back. We had two offers but decided that a trade with the Cowboys made the most sense.

Dallas called us and wanted to swap second-round picks. To move up five spots from 58 to 53, the Cowboys offered their 2024 fourth-rounder. With enough players on the board we liked, it made sense to continue to build up the 2024 draft stock while only moving back slightly in the round. Another option was on the table that included a 2024 second-round pick, but the drop back was from 53 to 71 - essentially a third for our second. That was too far back to go even for a future second.

Even though the Chicago Bears didn't acquire another pick in this draft, adding the extra draft capital next year made sense. With a trade like this, Ryan Poles would have two firsts and two fourths for next year's draft - along with their own second, third, fifth, and sixth-round picks.