Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Ryan Poles proves rumors to be true in full mock draft

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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The Chicago Bears make another trade

With the way the 2023 NFL Draft board was falling, we made yet another trade. This was once again a trade back and this time, the move was further down but the return will set up the 2024 Draft even more. The Jacksonville Jaguars called and wanted to move up to 64, but their next pick was 71. That was a harder pill to swallow. To top it off, they wanted our fifth-round pick this year at 148. To make the deal work though, they were giving up their 2024 third-rounder, and that made it too difficult to pass up.

Also, and I am not confident that the actual draft board falls this way, but both Joe Tippmann and Luke Wypler were still available. After a close look at the teams ahead of us, we did not expect more than one of those two to come off the board. Adding a third-round picks to the current 2024 draft picks made the decision fairly easy.

Losing a fifth-rounder hurt, but gaining a third next year was too good to pass up. Not to mention, there was still plenty of time in this current draft to continue to make moves. The Jaguars took a tight end with the 64th pick in the draft and we watched closely to see which, if any, of the top centers would fall to us.