Chicago Bears 2024 Mock Draft: Justin Fields' injury spells the end

What if Justin Fields' recent injury causes the team to ultimately move on next offseason?

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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. . 461. T.J. Tampa pick. Iowa State. . T.J. Tampa, CB. . 4.

The Bears' cornerback room is going to be one to watch over the next several months. Top starter Jaylon Johnson is in the last year of his deal and, at the moment, has seen several outlets use his name in trade rumors. Before this year's deadline, the Bears could move Johnson for a decent return, as he's been one of the better corners in the league overall, so far.

That would leave Tyrique Stevenson as the top corner on the roster, with fellow rookie Terell Smith as the opposite starter. While both of them have shown some great things as rookies, the Bears will still be lacking depth and would have to build that back up. That's why, in the fourth round here, Chicago goes after Iowa State cornerback T.J. Tampa.

As a fourth rounder, you cannot go wrong with a player like Tampa. He gives you the prototypical build of an outside corner, standing 6-foot-1 and offering great length. He has above-average speed to be able to keep up with most receivers, which only adds to his man coverage play strength.

Tampa's ball production has gotten better over his college career and he's become a guy who is great at attacking once he's made his read. He can stay with receivers, yes, but more importantly he watches and tracks the football; another one of his strengths. This is a guy who could come in and give Smith a run for his money in that second starting job.