Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft: 4-round mock draft

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Chicago Bears, Cole Bishop
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2024 third-round picks for the Chicago Bears

Heading into the third round the Bears again have back-to-back picks due to that trade with the Cardinals and with the 69th pick they take safety Cole Bishop out of Utah and with the 70th pick they take DT Kris Jenkins out of Michigan.

Cole Bishop could very easily be the Eddie Jackson replacement either right after the draft or a season down the line. Getting younger and cheaper at any position is a good thing but getting a guy that's decently similar to Jackson in play style makes it even better. Bishop has good ball skills and the ability to cover tight ends. He does need to work on his tackling heading up to the next next.

Jenkins is a guy who will help with the already young rotation at DT the Bears are trying to build. He can plug up holes and is a sure tackler who has some upside as a pass rusher. Adding him to the room of Dexter and Pickens could make a nice and dangerous rotation for the Bears.