Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft: 4-round mock draft

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Chicago Bears, Tory Horton
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2024 fourth-round picks for the Chicago Bears

For the first time in two rounds, the Bears don't have back-to-back picks but they still have a pair and with the last 5 picks going towards the trenches the Bears add some more firepower to the offense with pick 101 being TE Luke Lachey out of Iowa. While pick 121 is wideout Tory Horton from Colorado ST.

Drafting a tight end out of Iowa the last couple of years has worked out pretty okay for teams that dipped into that pool. Geroge Kittle, Sam Laporta, T.J. Hockenson, and Noah Fant have all turned out to be pretty good in the NFL. Lachey could be yet the next guy coming out of Iowa, with a good ability to find space in the middle of the field and a good contested catch radius he could turn into a very good number to tight end for the Bears.


With this being yet another year of a ton of good college wideouts making their way to the NFL the Bears will double dip into that pool with the pick of Horton. Horton at the NFL level isn't going to run past guys when running his route but he could turn into a great YAC player for the Bears. At 6'2 190 pounds he is a threat in the open field while also being a threat on contested catches.