Bears 2024 NFL Mock Draft: The New Year brings hope with a bang

Ryan Pace goes nuclear with trades in this edition.

Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr.
Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr. / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Anthony Belton. OL. . Anthony Belton. . . player. Anthony Belton. 5. 442

The Bears will end their draft with two picks in the fifth round, and the first of which they'll spend on another offensive lineman; their second of the draft. The 6-foot-6 Belton comes into the league as a fairly versatile lineman that may not have a permanent position just yet. But, that's not a bad thing.

Belton could end up developing as an offensive tackle at the NFL level, or even as a guard. Regardless, he can give the Bears some added depth and youth within their offensive line depth chart.

The reason he might be liked as a guard at the pro level is due to his tendency to play that "phone booth" style. He can be very physical in the run game and plays with a nastiness you love to see from interior linemen.

He is also quick and light on his feet for a guy his size, which projects as some nice traits as a tackle. We'll see where he fits in once he has an NFL home.