Bears 2024 NFL Mock Draft: The New Year brings hope with a bang

Ryan Pace goes nuclear with trades in this edition.

Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr.
Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr. / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Chicago's next pick would have come at pick no. 68, but they make another move, here.

Jets trade

The Bears move down to pick no. 72 and also net a fifth-round pick at no. 168, which the Jets acquired earlier in the draft via a trade with the New Orleans Saints. From here, Poles goes back to the trenches, this time on defense.

. Michael Hall Jr.. . Michael Hall Jr.. player. 490. Michael Hall Jr.. . DT. 3

At no. 72 overall, the Bears snag an Ohio State defensive tackle, Michael Hall Jr. The Buckeyes have a loaded defensive front who could all see themselves picked on the first two days of this draft, and Hall is no exception.

Standing 6-foot-2 and 295 pounds, Hall has a dense, compact frame that is both quick and strong. He is more disruptive than any of his numbers show. In fact, if you were to try and categorize him with just one word, "disruptive" is a perfect description.

He can blow up a play all by himself, and whether or not he ends up getting the tackle or sack doesn't matter. He can wreck an entire offensive line's assignments in a hurry. Hall gives the Bears another big-time, young player they can add to their rotation while saying goodbye to veteran Justin Jones, who enters free agency and should be allowed to walk.