Chicago Bears 2024 Schedule: game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

The Chicago Bears have released their full 2024 NFL schedule. We go game by game and give predictions on which games the Bears will win and which games they will lose. What record will they have at the end of the year? Will they make the playoffs?
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It's that time of the season when every fan is hopeful that their team is about to dominate the NFL season and forge a path to the Super Bowl. Well, maybe not all fans. Chicago Bears fans know all too well that there are some years that the team looks so awful that we already know there is no hope. This offseason is not one of those years. Instead, we are all hopeful that Caleb Williams can help bring this team into a new era -- one where the quarterback position is no longer a joke.

It's too soon to expect a Super Bowl in 2024, but we are all hoping to see enough from the rookie to know that his future is bright, this team finally found their franchise quarterback (sorry Justin) and it is time to move on to bigger and better things very soon -- a Super Bowl run!

This team is still very young and has some holes, but at the very worst it is set up to make a playoff push in 2024. We have known which teams the Chicago Bears were going to face since January, but now we know in what order they will face them. This could make a bit of a difference based on when they might be traveling to London to how many prime-time games they find themselves playing in.

There are some interesting quirks to the schedule, but the biggest thing to note is that the Chicago Bears do not play a single divisional game until Week 11. They have six divisional games in their last eight games.

The full NFL schedule was released on May 15. Check out our Bears schedule tracker.
Here is a full, game-by-game prediction for the Chicago Bears.