Chicago Bears 2024 Schedule: game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

The Chicago Bears have released their full 2024 NFL schedule. We go game by game and give predictions on which games the Bears will win and which games they will lose. What record will they have at the end of the year? Will they make the playoffs?
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Week 1: Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans

I am not a big Will Levis fan, but I do think he could become a serviceable quarterback in the NFL. One of those guys Chicago Bears fans are used to seeing who are good enough to start in the NFL but rank in the bottom half of the league. He struggled last year in nine starts. He's not going to be the reason the Titans win this game against Chicago, but I think somehow, the Titans' defensive front bullies the Bears' interior, and Williams shows he is not only a rookie but also human. This is one of those games that the Bears should win, but find a way to lose. It happens to every team.

Bears - 17 | Titans - 24

Week 2: Chicago Bears @ Houston Texans

There are games that the Chicago Bears could win that they just will not. Just as there are games that the Bears should win, but they find a way to lose. The Texans have a good young team. I think these two teams are evenly matched and on paper, I give the edge to Chicago. I see some slight regression in the future for C.J. Stroud, but not enough to be concerned. He plays well in this one and keeps the Bears' defense guessing. Chicago loses in a close one.

Bears - 24 | Texans - 26

Week 3: Chicago Bears @ Indianapolis Colts

Nothing the Colts have done to their roster over the last couple of years scares me. I don't think Matt Eberflus is concerned with his old team either. Chicago makes a statement in this one as Caleb Williams looks dominant while Anthony Richardson struggles through the air. Chicago's defense also shows up big in this one keeping the Colts to a single-digit score.

Bears - 27 | Colts 7