Chicago Bears 2024 Schedule: game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

The Chicago Bears have released their full 2024 NFL schedule. We go game by game and give predictions on which games the Bears will win and which games they will lose. What record will they have at the end of the year? Will they make the playoffs?
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Week 4: Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams

Shane Waldron should be very familiar with the Los Angeles Rams. He is a direct line to Sean McVay. He coached with McVay in Washington in 2016 and followed him to the Rams in 2017. Waldron was a tight ends coach and passing game coordinator for the Rams under McVay before moving on to be the offensive coordinator of the Seahawks in 2021. All of that is great and all, but the Seahawks were 2-4 over the last three years when Waldron was the offensive coordinator. I think McVay is the difference-maker here and the Rams win a close game.

Bears -24 | Rams - 28

Week 5: Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers

If the Chicago Bears lose to the Carolina Panthers, oh boy, the fans will never hear the end of it. Ryan Poles fleeced this organization. The hope now is Caleb Williams becomes a superstar and we look back on this trade as the indicator of when Ryan Poles and the Bears organization finally sprung themselves into the current era of the NFL. I have no doubt that Williams will become a better quarterback than Bryce Young and Chicago will win this one easily.

Bears - 31 | Panthers - 14

Week 6: Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Bears lose a "home" game at Soldier Field as the team heads to London to face the Jaguars. It won't matter where they play, even if the Jaguars are more familiar with international travel.

This was looking like it could be a Trevor Lawrence vs. Justin Fields game but not anymore. Fields was traded to Pittsburgh for a steak sandwich and in comes Caleb Williams. Some say Williams is the best draft prospect since Andrew Luck. Others say he's the best prospect since Lawrence. I'm hoping he is closer to Luck (with a full career) than Lawrence. Lawrence isn't a bad quarterback, but he also has shown too many inconsistencies -- especially holding onto the football. Williams proves to be the better young gun in this game and Chicago comes out victorious.

Bears - 28 | Jaguars - 22

Week 7: BYE Week