Chicago Bears 2024 Schedule: game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

The Chicago Bears have released their full 2024 NFL schedule. We go game by game and give predictions on which games the Bears will win and which games they will lose. What record will they have at the end of the year? Will they make the playoffs?
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Week 11: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Up next, the Chicago Bears take on their oldest rival the Green Bay Packers. I'm predicting that Matt Eberflus right the ship a little this season while Jordan Love regresses. He didn't have one receiver reach 1,000 yards last year yet he threw for over 4,000. Mat LaFleur does not get enough credit for putting this team in a position to succeed. I am still on the hill that Love doesn't cut it as a consistently good quarterback in the NFL. With home-field advantage, I'm leaning toward Chicago in this one.

Bears - 24 | Packers - 17

Week 12: Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

Another divisional game and this time it's the Chicago Bears hosting the Vikings. Minnesota made some interesting decisions at the quarterback position this year. We saw Kirk Cousins, a very underrated quarterback in this league, move onto Atlanta only to be "Mike Glennon" by none other than Ryan Pace. It's a different situation as Cousins is actually good, but what the Vikings are doing up in Minnesota is a bit head-scratching.

Maybe I'm too low on J.J. McCarthy, but I just don't see him as a franchise quarterback -- especially if he is expected to take on that role early in his career. I don't think they win all three home games against the NFC North, so give me Minnesota in this one.

Bears - 20 | Vikings - 21

Week 13: Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Everyone will be enjoying a family feast for this one. The Bears play the Lions on Thanksgiving Day and Bears fans might lose their appetite after watching this one.

I have the Chicago Bears splitting with the Detroit Lions this year and I figure it makes the most sense to give them each a home win. The Lions are no longer the team we used to laugh at year after year. They were one game away from making it to the Super Bowl last year. I still think the Bears can give the Lions a run for their money and Detroit regresses a little this season. Bears still lose this one after traveling up to Ford Field.

Bears - 20 | Lions - 24