Chicago Bears 2024 Schedule: game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

The Chicago Bears have released their full 2024 NFL schedule. We go game by game and give predictions on which games the Bears will win and which games they will lose. What record will they have at the end of the year? Will they make the playoffs?
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Merry Christmas Bears fans. Chicago played on Christmas Eve in back-to-back years, but not this season. Instead, they will play on December 26 and be on primetime Thursday night.

Week 17: Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks

This is going to be the Shane Waldron revenge game. I'm not sure Waldron feels spiteful about being let go seeing the Seahawks moved on from Pete Carroll, which led to Waldron's departure. However, whenever you can stick it to your old boss who didn't keep you around you are going to have a little extra edge to your game -- in this case game plan. Seattle has some serious superstars on their roster, but they also have some major holes -- especially on defense. Chicago wins this game at home.

Bears - 30 | Seahawks - 21

Week 18: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Matt LaFleur and Jordan Love find a way to beat the Chicago Bears just like usual. This is a feeling I am sick of experiencing. This is a new era for the Bears, though, and hopefully, a transition into a time when the two teams are either equal or Chicago starts to dominate their neighbors to the north once again. Green Bay owns the overall record against the Bears now, but the tides start turning in 2024 with a split between the two rivals. This one goes to the Packers at home.

Bears - 17 | Packers - 24

Chicago Bears Final Record: 10-7 | Playoff Contender | No Super Bowl

With a 10-7 record I would expect the Chicago Bears to make the playoffs. I won't predict an NFC North championship though. It is doubtful they win more than one playoff game, though, and their chances of actually making it to the Super Bowl are slim to almost nothing.

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