A review of the controversies regarding the Chicago Bears 53-man roster

Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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Chicago Bears, Trent Taylor
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Chicago Bears Roster: The interruption continued and receivers

The Chicago Bears' interruption of waiver wire pick-picks continued.

  • Saf Quindell Johnson (Rams)

Like Kareem, Johnson had a solid preseason: 11 tackles, 1 sack, 1 PD. Most of which came on the last week. I assume that performance, Ryan Poles, and his scouting department liked Johnson as a prospect entering the draft but chose Kendall Williamson. Williamson was banged up a bit this offseason, but Johnson outplayed him in college. 

  • PR/WR Trent Taylor (Bengals)

Something I get into arguments over (the next topic after offensive line) is the specialist and weapons topic. Trent Taylor is a specialist. He is now likely the starting punt returner on the Chicago Bears. The bonus is what he could do on offense as a weapon. 

That same argument goes for other specialists like 

Travis Homer, Velus Jones Jr., and EQ St. Brown. Rosters aren't built like Madden football. Homer's primary job would be whatever he does on special teams, pass blocking, and pass-catching. Velus Jones Jr. is a kick returner and gadget guy. The Chicago Bears hoped he could both kick return and punt return. That was the only reason to draft a returner in the third round. Sadly, he can't field a punt to save his life. But the plays that Simba Webster made on offense, Jones Jr. can do easily. 

That leaves bad hands EQ St. Brown. Yes, he cannot catch, but again, he is a special teams guy and one of the best blocking WRs in the league. I know that blocking doesn't substitute for catching ability, but the Bears can't carry another WR on the roster that is more based on upside as a starter over being a specialist. Tyler Scott should be the only player who gets a pass between the big three (Claypool, Mooney, and Moore). The Bears tried Scott at punt return, but that didn't work. He did show a little in the kick return game, however.