Chicago Bears endure the worst-case scenario in this 7-round 2024 mock draft

What happens if things don't go according to plan?
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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. Jer'Zhan Newton. 1. Jer'Zhan Newton. DL. . 481. . Jer'Zhan Newton. player

At pick no. 9 overall, many would like to see the Bears do one of two things: either trade back and net some additional draft capital or address one of offensive line or wide receiver. In this instance, Ryan Poles doesn't see an offer he likes enough to sacrifice the pick. So, he opts for what he views as the best player on the board that fills a need.

There were still a couple of cornerbacks on the board, but the top three receivers and tackle Joe Alt were gone at this point. Poles passed on the top corners to go with a kid who won't have to travel far in Illinois defensive lineman Jer'Zhan Newton. He isn't a pass rusher, so fans might not be thrilled. Newton is also a guy who could end up going between picks 15-25, so this could be viewed as a bit of a reach.

Still, Newton is arguably the best interior defensive lineman in the draft, along with Texas' Byron Murphy II.

Newton could come in and start next to Andrew Billings, forcing Gervon Dexter back into a reserve role. He's a bit smaller than Dexter, but his strength more than makes up for the size question marks. Newton is active in both the run and passing game. He's effective against both.

At the very least, the Bears are set with some interior line depth on defense. But, it still leaves fans with much to be desired out of this draft.